Welcome To Balance Forecasting

See the future of your finances and avoid overdrafts!

The Forecast Method

  • Enter your starting account balance.
  • Enter your income and expenses and specify how often they occur (i.e. monthly, biweekly, etc.).
  • See how your account balance changes over time, up to 30 years into the future.
  • Plan ahead by analyzing your future balance and cash flow.
  • Easily fine-tune your future transactions in case plans change (i.e. your monthly insurance payment changes).
  • See how changing, adding or removing a recurring bill will affect your future balance (i.e. getting a new car loan).


  • Fully functional free one month trial, no credit card needed. Limited features thereafter.
  • Responsive design that provides consistent experience across all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Multiple accounts to keep track of checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, etc.
  • Support for multiple languages, number formats, character sets, and date formats.
  • Complex filtering and sorting so you can view exactly the items you need.
  • Charts to view at a glance where your account is headed.
  • Calendar to view your forecast month by month.
  • Categorize your items for easy grouping.
  • Generate cashflow reports for past months or years.
  • Clean, lightning fast and intuitive interface.


  • Free to use forever with limitations. 20 USD one time with no limitations.
  • One account with the free version and unlimited accounts with the premium version.
  • Up to 3 month forecast with the free version and up to 30 year forecast with the premium version.
  • Access to calendar with the premium version only.
  • Access to charts with the premium version only.
  • Access to category budgets with the premium version only.
  • Access to cashflow reports with the premium version only.
  • Access to advanced filters with the premium version only.
  • Export to Excel with the premium version only.